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"Our son’s headshots were beyond our expectations. You truly captured all of the different parts of his personality. Thank you so much!" Bridgette

"I love Annie and the shots I got! She went out of her way to make sure I was happy and got exactly what I needed! I definitely recommend Grapevine Memories!" Harmony

"I came all the way from Ohio to get my headshots from Annie, and my experience at Grapevine Memories is BY FAR the best photography experience I have ever had. Annie listened carefully to me and gave me EXACTLY what I wanted. My photos are flawless. Annie is so personable, creative, and caring. Can't wait to show off my new shots!" Austin

"Annie has been doing my daughter's headshots for several years and they are always incredible! Last week she was at a theater camp in NYC and during a workshop taught by a Broadway casting director he made the following comments on her headshot, "This is really a great headshot. It would standout in a commercial or Broadway casting. I love the white background - it immediately draws my eyes to you." Annie has a magic touch with lighting that brings out the subject's eyes." Dawn

"I have used Annie twice for my daughters' senior pictures. She is so wonderful to work with. Annie helps you prepare for the shoot so it goes smoothly. She is able to capture the best features and produce an amazing product. I've known Annie for several years and feel privileged to call her a friend." Kristi

"Annie is a true professional! She took care of everything from finding the bluebonnets we wanted to designing my daughter's graduation announcement. She is knowledgeable, talented, a perfectionist and very patient. I definitely recommend Grapevine Memories." Kat

"Fue un placer haber coincidido con Annie, gracias a mi prima que la conoce de años atrás y por supuesto me la recomendó y habló maravillas de ella como Fotógrafa pero nada comparado con la experiencia de vivirlo y verla trabajar con mi hija Ashley en su Quinceañera, fue una experiencia maravillosa ya que resaltó la belleza natural de ella y dejó al mismo tiempo que su ternura y picardía se vieran en el primer instante! Mil gracias por darnos la oportunidad de conocerla, por todo su apoyo ya que con toda su experiencia fue mucho más fácil conseguir un excelente resultado por hacer una excepción en mi caso ya que tenemos el tiempo encima, la recomiendo al 100% y espero muy pronto encontrarnos de nuevo! Un abrazo fuerte!" Linda

"Annie did a fantastic job on my daughter's senior portraits. I've gotten tons of compliments on her pictures - they really are works of art. Annie was also super helpful getting ready for picture day - fielding endless wardrobe questions and offering great advice. She made the day all about my daughter who was still smiling at the end of the 3 hour session. I couldn't be any happier with the process and the pictures." Laurel

"We are absolutely thrilled with our daughter's senior portraits. They are Gorgeous and they capture her personality, spirit and beauty! Annie is an Artist who spent a lot of time working with us to learn about my daughter, her activities, personality and style. She listened and offered suggestions of things we hadn't thought of. She worked with my daughter to choose outfits and accessories and she found beautiful locations. She was patient, sweet and kind to my daughter and the photos she captured are just Fabulous! I can't rave enough about Annie and her work! She is such a talented Artist and I am so happy that we found her. I would recommend her work to Anyone and Everyone!!! Working with Annie was a pleasure and a delight! She is great to work with Artistically and she is a Professional taking the time and care to communicate each and every step of the process. I look forward to working with her again!" Stefanie

"Annie does absolutely amazing work! She was actually my second photographer to do senior pictures and I am so happy we chose her! She is so very professional, she works with you to find out who you are and what you're like to give your pictures a personal touch, and she's overall such a sweetheart! She helps you choose outfits and bring accessories that pull the look together while your style is still you! I couldn't have asked for anything more!! Plus all of her pictures are absolutely stunning!!!" Katie

"Annie is not just a photographer, she is a true artist! She captured our son, Connor, for his senior pictures and they are memories we will always cherish. She was able to get him to come "out of his shell" in order to capture his true personality. And for that, we are forever grateful! We recommend Annie and Grapevine Memories to everyone we know. Thanks, Annie!" Liane

"Annie did a great job. She has an incredible eye and finds really unique settings. My daughter loved the whole experience and felt like a model. The results speak for themselves." Lanell

"Annie Drake is an incredible photographer!! She has captured incredible portraits of my two daughters years apart which we will cherish for a lifetime. Annie also makes your child feel very special while working with them. Truly a great experience!" Megan

"We had a wonderful session with Annie! She is extremely talented in using the light to make beautiful portraits! She made my daughter feel comfortable and beautiful from the beginning. Her patience in walking through the process was also appreciated. We've got a 2018 and 2019 grad also and plan to use Annie for their senior shots also." Melinda

"There are many photographers out there to take senior portraits but few of them are artists like Annie Drake. Her photographs are exquisite and one of a kind! Annie took photographs of my son in 4 different outfits and 3 different locations for over 3 hours during our session. She worked with us and helped us pick clothes and the right location and the portraits are fabulous. Annie is patient and my son enjoyed the experience. I had to reschedule several times and Annie patiently worked with me. I have nothing but praise for her work. You can choose anyone to take your senior's portraits and get an ok result...I'm really glad I chose her as an artist because the results were stunning!" Angela

"Annie is easy and fun to work with. She has an incredible eye and is able to capture amazing images. If you are looking to celebrate a special moment, make sure you contact Annie. You will love the end result." Lily

"Annie will bring out the best in your child. She is patient, warm and friendly. Even the most reluctant teenager will laugh and open up! They will actually walk away from the experience saying they had fun! The best is yet to come, when they see their pictures and they are excited about them! The whole experience really does make them feel special. Not only did Annie work with my two Seniors, but then we had a family session as well. I cannot say enough good things about Annie. From the prep for the photo shoot to the finishing process of ordering and receiving the prints, Annie helped, listened and coached, so we would get the most out of our experience and love our end result! Annie truly does care about each of her clients and I love that about her! I did a lot of research on photographers before I chose Annie, and what led me to choose her were the pictures on her Facebook page. The pictures had a professional look about them that were soft and natural and not "studio stiff". What a huge bonus to find out that she easy to work with and compassionate! No matter your budget, Grapevine Memories will have an option that works for you and you will have AMAZING KEEPSAKES! I highly recommend Annie and Grapevine Memories!" Sherry

"Grapevine Memories is an incredible business. Annie is not a photographer, she is an artist that creates beautiful, creative portraits that capture the subject in a way no one else can. She is considerate of her client's needs and desires. She works hard to give them exactly what they want but at the same time creating an unexpected work of art! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her work!" Jane

"I worked with Grapevine Memories for my Senior, Family portraits AND Headshots, and could not be more pleased! Annie has a gift for personalizing each photo session, so each client's heart and personality show through in the final product. Each photo is a stunning, polished work of art. DFW is blessed to have Grapevine Memories!" Nicole

"Annie is great to work with! She really goes to an extra level to make sure you are happy! She helped me relax and pick the right outfits and knows exactly how to capture the most beautiful lighting. I had so much fun shooting with her and highly recommend Grapevine Memories!" Cynthia

"Annie is such an imaginative and incredible photographer! She took senior photos for my daughter in places we would never have thought of, and they are all so unique and gorgeous. Can't thank her enough for such a wonderful session and special memories forever now!" Charlene

"We have used Annie for family pictures and Senior pictures, and we highly recommend her. She has a way to capture light and expression that makes her portraits very unique. Aside from her skills, she's very sweet and patient, making it very easy to work with her." Claudia

"Annie has photographed me for several occasions and each experience has been wonderful. She makes each session all about you and does what makes you feel best. I am always pleased with her work." Kristen

"The images captured were perfect and timed to perfection. Love her work and will recommend her to my friends. Annie is a super nice person to work with and such a professional." Melissa

"Annie did a wonderful job with my son's senior portraits and our family portraits last year. She helped us with wardrobe and location ideas, helped design our senior ad page for the yearbook, and designed our graduation announcements and thank you notes. It was important to her that we loved our portraits and we did! We will definitely be calling Annie again when my younger son is a senior." Julie

"When my daughter Isabelle was a senior last year we were looking for someone to do unique and beautiful senior photos, and we knew exactly who to call. We had seen Annie’s work over the years and as a photographer she is patient, creative, and has just the most amazing eye. I’m not quite sure what her secret is, but her photographs always seem so perfectly suited to the subject, and Isabelle was no exception. Annie is willing to put in as much work as you want looking for that “special something” that will make your senior pictures pop. Annie had so many great ideas and Isabelle and I had so much fun working with her. There was nothing standard, boring or forgettable about our experience working with Annie, and we will always treasure our amazing portraits!" Julie

"Four years ago, Annie photographed our daughter Nicole. We were amazed with the locations she found, the ideas she had for poses, and the quality of the photographs she produced from the photo shoots. Several of the photos from Nicole’s senior portrait sessions are on our walls at home, and we love being surrounded by our daughter’s image as she has pursued her college degree. Fast forward to last month and our son Sean’s photo shoot, and Annie again amazed us with even more cool locations, ideas, and outstanding portraits! Annie captured Sean’s true self in the photos, and we came out of the photo shoot session with so many great portraits that it was hard to narrow down to the number of photos in the package we purchased. That’s a great problem to have for senior portraits, and that was our experience for both. Even more importantly, both Nicole and Sean were pleased with their photos from the sessions. We plan to have our family portraits done this summer with Grapevine Memories! If you are considering using Grapevine Memories for any portrait work, you can count on the utmost care in selection of settings, lighting conditions, poses and overall artistry that will not only capture the image of the subject but their very spirit. Throughout the photo session, Annie made the process feel effortless, and the poses were natural and stress free. Grapevine Memories web site shows a limited number of examples of Annie’s work, but we are sure that every session delivered more amazing portraits than expected AND difficult choices in final selections. Plan on spending some time reviewing the photos sent online, and making those hard choices… You can also plan on having no regrets in your selection of Grapevine Memories." Aaron & Teri

"You are so good at being a photographer, God has given you a wonderful vocation. Ben always comments how fun it is and how easy you make it. I never even thought he would take the time to do this and we already have wonderful photos to choose from, yesterday's session is icing on the cake with extra wonderful keepsakes. Thank you for your gentle handed spirit and magnificent talent." Kimberly

“My daughter was not looking forward to her senior pictures. Like many teenage girls she felt ugly and was not happy with the way she looked. I shared this with Annie and Annie told me that she would help Maggie to see her beauty and to be comfortable during the photo shoot. Maggie warmed to Annie, immediately. Annie started slowly and showed Maggie the still images from the camera. The images were gorgeous and even my daughter could not deny how beautiful she looked. Throughout the day, Annie continued to build Maggie up and help her feel at ease. Annie was able to capture Maggie's true essence. Annie was so genuine and kind and this session did so much for Maggie's self esteem. When we saw the final images, we were blown away. Annie gave our family a wonderful keepsake and great memories.” Sarah

“Being a mom who enjoyed dabbling in photography and having a child in a professional ballet company and one on a select baseball team meant that I already had a lot of “nice” pictures of my kids. As they were getting older it became impressed on my heart to find a photographer that could capture the children at this point in their lives and give us a piece of art, not just a cute picture. I prayed, and then I found Annie Drake . There is a difference in Annie’s work from other photographers that immediately caught my attention. Her images kept coming back to me, burned in my memory. I wanted that for myself. Creating a timepiece for your own family is an amazing journey. Annie pays attention to every detail and she makes it fun! Her warm personality eased our young daughter and the resulting images were enchanting. Yes, our daughter has a ballet dress on in the photo, but it is not about ballet. The picture is about young, yet confident and ready to take on the world. The photo has a life of its own. The picture is alive. When it came time for our daughter’s senior pictures we knew Annie’s magic would grace our walls again. Annie’s personality and relaxed mood drew out the best from our daughter and we have another piece of art. Years had gone by and the only thing that had changed is that Annie’s work has gotten deeper and with more scope. There is no monetary value that you can place on photos of this quality. What she has given us are heirlooms. That is what brought me back to Annie. That is why I will be back again.” Lorie

“There was a time when I didn't even know if my son would see graduation day. The years were long and the days were dark and uncertain. So when the time came for senior pictures, it was more than just something on my to do list. It was truly a milestone and a long awaited achievement. I knew you were an amazing photographer, but I was still doubtful that you could have a great session with him. I was so wrong. Annie, you did something for me that I could never imagine. You found a way to reach into him and bring out the sparkle that I haven't seen since he was a child. There was light, there was hope, and a true sense of joy in each and every image. You truly captured the best in him. It's a hopeful reminder of how much potential he has. We are forever grateful to you.” Dawn

"For anyone wanting to find the perfect person to capture the perfect pose, it's Annie. My daughter Grace was skeptical at first, not wanting to get her picture taken. With Annie's patience, professionalism and class, she was able to make Grace feel truly special and the pictures came out amazing! One picture in particular is so beautiful it is a work of art and I will forever have it on our wall. Thank you Annie for helping us through what could have been a difficult time, and made it truly a special and fun memory. One she will remember in a positive and beautiful way." Barb

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Senior portrait experience with Annie Drake. She was creative, fun, professional, and extremely easy to work with. Every step of the process went smoothly, from planning the photo shoot, to choosing the photos, and then timely delivery of announcements and photos. Annie took the time to help us with organizing outfits for the shoot, and she used those ideas to coordinate the locations for the photo shoots. We are so happy with the results, and have very fond memories of a fun time! I would highly recommend her!" Shari

"I just have to say what a great experience we had with you, Annie! I appreciated the care and detail you took with every single shot. The absolutely gorgeous photos we now have are special beyond words. You truly set yourself apart from other photographers with the thought and planning and details you work into each session. Since we're still deciding which pictures to display and where they should be displayed, we've had several of Brooke's pictures on our dining room table. Brooke's younger sister, Blaire has been calling it "The Shrine to Brooke" LOL But, little does she know that, in about 2 years, when she's due for Senior pictures, she too can have a shrine…this time to Blaire. ha Thanks so much again for all the work you put into this session, before, during and after!!!" Renita

"Where do I even begin?! Annie is not only an incredible photographer, but an incredible person! From her impeccable customer service to the amazing care and precision she takes with each picture. Everything is thought out from location, position, light, angle and the personality of each client. She is committed to finding what each client wants and makes each session unique to that individual. I was beyond impressed by the work she has done on Madison's senior pictures. I can't imagine anything better! Thank you Annie!" Kerri

"Having worked with a different photographer for our daughter's senior pictures, I was not sure that I would find someone that I liked as much when it came time for our son's senior pictures. Annie by far exceeded my expectations! I believe that boys that age are usually a bit harder to photograph as most are not natural posers. Annie sent pose ideas before the session to be practiced in front of the mirror. She is open to any ideas that her customers might have and tries to make your session unique and tailored to the subjects personality. The final product is great quality and will last a lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about Annie's work and the time she took with my son to get a variety of shots. These are not "cookie-cutter" photos but truly as special as the person being photographed." Cheryl

"Annie has a special gift that keeps giving long after the photos are carefully taken and crafted. Our family portrait above our mantle is the most precious item in our home and it was lovingly captured and created by Annie of Grapevine Memories. Annie also hand delivered it knowing in advance where it was going to be featured and coordinated with our decor. Annie provides a full service to make sure every step of the process is done to perfection. Grapevine Memories also took our son's graduation pictures. Most boys don't like this kind of thing, but Annie made it fun and enjoyable for him. The best part are all the wonderful memories we now have to cherish from this special time in his life. Thank you Annie for making your passion a wonderful gift to pass on through your art of photography." The Frederick Family

"Based on having seen some of her work, we asked Annie to take our daughter's senior pictures. While we were at the session we had a chance to take some family photos. Annie is the most creative photographer I have ever met and she even coaxed Shadow, our family dog, to "sit in attention" for the shots. We were so happy how everything came out, that there was no question who would take our son's senior pictures and they came out just as amazing and unique! Annie will not stop until she finds the perfect spot, the perfect lighting, the perfect mood and the perfect pose with a sweet genuine smile on her face and being graceful even in 100+ temperature. After the sessions are done, she will follow through with proofs and the finished pictures in a timely and most professional manner. She will not accept anything but perfection from herself and her product. I would never use any other photographer besides Grapevine Memories for my keepsakes." The Scandura Family

"I met Annie after she did an incredible memory book for a friend and her dogs. The photos and book captured the family and their dogs' personality. Annie amazed me when she photographed one of my litters of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for the first time. It's nearly impossible to get eight week old puppies to sit still long enough to get a good photo, but Annie did. She is so talented and patient and she got phenomenal photos. Each photo is a work of art. From that first photo session each time we have a litter, Annie photographs the puppies and each and every time she amazes me how she's able to capture each puppy as well as my adult cavaliers. Her work brings such joy. Annie has photographed my daughters along with puppies, a portrait we proudly hang in our family room. Annie has always exceeded our expectations and we always look forward to her next photo session. Annie, thank you for all the beautiful photography you've done for us." The McCaslin Family

"A very special "Thank you," to an AMAZING photographer and friend Annie Drake of Grapevine Memories. She took these amazing photographs of our family and designed this wall for us! It is beyond my wildest dreams and I LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Thank you for your amazing work in giving us memories that will last a lifetime!!!" The Killam Family

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! We LOVE it all!!!! You are amazing can always use me and our wedding as a reference if you do decide to take on more weddings!!! You have a special knack of creating a "story" and that is something that makes the work you do so special to me!!! Thanks for taking time to create a piece of work that will make the memories of our wedding last forever!!!" Gina and Eric

"Thank you all for the wonderful comments on our pictures and our fantastic photographer!! We had a great time, Annie made us feel so comfortable - even our little furry baby - that taking pictures were easy. I can't wait until the big day...only 12 more days to go!!!" Dena

"Thank you, Annie! This is too beautiful!!! I hope all of the Faith families will think of you for senior pictures. You do such an incredible job, both of helping the kiddos to relax and be natural, and also of taking beautiful, creative photographs!" Pamela

"You are an amazing photographer and I absolutely love the way my pictures turned out." Katie (: "Your pictures have created quite a stir among our family & friends... Beautiful work!!!" Kristin

"Thank you SO MUCH, Annie Drake, for the beautiful pictures of Caroline!!! We couldn't be happier with them!!! You captured not only the perfect moment in her ballet dancing in every single shot, but you were also able to capture her passion and love for ballet. We have had so many compliments on the photos from friends and family, and from others in the ballet world. Everyone is so impressed with your work as are we! Caroline will be auditioning for ballet companies soon and is thrilled to have such beautiful, unique photos to use for her auditions." Sara

"Oh my goodness!!! Except for what we ordered last night, we’ve already received our photos and album! The book is absolutely amazing. How in the world did you get these to us so fast? Whatever you did, THANK YOU! I appreciate all your efforts, patience and exceptional customer service you’ve extended to us in addition to your beautiful work. We look forward to doing more shoots with you in the future." Dina

"Annie is an exceptional photographer. She sees things in such away that she tells a story with every picture. She photographed my wedding. It was her first wedding, but she did the most amazing job we ever could have wanted. She surprised me the morning after my wedding with a wedding slide show set to the music of our song...At Last. I burst into tears when I saw it; and so did 100 others when she posted it on a blog for me. Yesterday, I saw the canvas photograph of our wedding picture, it is stunning. She has a way of making everything and everyone look good. She is definately one of the top photographers in the country. She puts her heart and soul into EACH photo and it really shows." Michele

"We loved working with Annie and the results are fantastic. She is a consummate professional. Annie is so patient and really wants to get the best picture and camera angle for each subject. We are so happy with all the pictures and the results. I would recommend her to anyone who needs pictures and portraits made for an event or as a keepsake." Lesa

"OH MY GOSH!!! The pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!!! They truly are art work! I have NEVER seen such beautiful photos of any dog, ever...and I have had some very nice ones done over the years, but nothing even comes close. They truly are art from the heart. The photos you took in our photo session are outstanding. You have raised the bar for photographers at dog shows." Cathy Teff, Cavaliers of the Midwest, Performance Chair

"Oh my goodness! Your photos literally took my breath away and I got tears in my eyes! Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much for the time you took with my daughter. It shows!" Nancy

"Just a quick note to let you know how very much we appreciate the qualityof your work. The photographs are so beautiful and really capture the essence of our son's personality! In the past, we have had difficulty getting professional pictures where he didn't look posed and stiff. I think your soft and easy-going attitude during the photo shoot really helped in making our son feel relaxed and comfortable. This certainly came through in the final product which looks so natural. We will always treasure his senior pictures. Thanks a million!" Laura

"The pictures came out so beautifully! I couldn't be happier with our experience--the time you took with my grandchildren, your patience and gentle manner, just everything added up to an excellent result. My daughter and son-in-law were thrilled when they got the canvas portrait. I can't thank you enough." Marianne

"Words can not express the happiness I feel with my photos. I love every photo, but more importantly, I love who took them. I will be forever grateful that you were there to record a chapter of my life and hope you will be there to record many more! Thank you so much!" Gabi

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and your amazing work. Animals are not the easiest subjects to photograph, but you made my little Cavalier Spaniel feel very comfortable. She and I had a great time during her session in the gardens. My greatest challenge was trying to decide which pictures I wanted from all of your terrific shots. I was pleasantly surprised when the pictures arrived, as they were finished so professionally. You can be assured, I will call upon your services again for our family photos. Best Wishes," Cindy and Vita