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Ten points that make my photographic style unique:

 1.  I photograph each session with the mindset of creating my best, most creative portraits yet and not thinking about how fast I can complete the session.

 2.  No two sessions are ever alike. I rarely do the same thing twice, and if I do it’s just for the challenge of doing it even better than the last!

 3.  My extensive background and experience in photography, design, marketing and customer service will provide you the best experience possible.

 4.  When I’m creating your images, I photograph in series which will complement any design:  a book, a custom card, poster, collage, wall image grouping, etc.  I love to design books to tell the story of your family.  For this reason, all my Collections include a custom book.   

 5.  It is okay to include in your session what matters the most to you, for example, your pets!

 6.  My studio is any location we agree upon together! 

 7.  I belong to the state, national, and local Professional Photographer Associations.  I invest in my professional education and equipment on a continual basis.  

 8.  My advertising is simple:  My Images, You, and Social Media.  

 9.  My pricing structure is designed to offer my customers quality professional images and products regardless of your budget.  You have the freedom to select the Collection that best matches your family’s financial and product needs.  

10. This is your lifetime memories!  I am honored to be part of this special time in your life.

Mission Statement:

"Photography is the door God has given you to touch people's hearts. Open every door...don't close doors that come your way as our human minds cannot completely determine God's will behind each door." KBD